What is No More Spectators?

No More Spectators is Mercy Hill’s way of moving every believer from the sidelines to the frontlines because Jesus has saved us to be servants on mission, not spectators of it. As our church’s part in that mission, we believe God has uniquely called and equipped Mercy Hill to build and restore families the way He does His by stepping into adoption, foster care, fatherlessness, and advocating for the unborn. We do this by empowering individuals, families, and Community Groups 1) to provide gospel-driven care to vulnerable children and 2) to serve local nonprofits and organizations who ride in that same lane.

Not sure how to move from the sidelines? Fill out this simple form and a member of our Missions Team will follow up with you!

Adoption & Foster Care

The Adoption & Foster Care Ministry of Mercy Hill is all about building families the way God builds His! With a goal of having 200 adoptive and foster care families in Mercy Hill by 2025, our vision is for families and individuals to provide gospel-driven care for vulnerable children through four lanes:

  • Adoption
  • Foster care
  • Supporting an adoptive or foster care family as a Rope Holder
  • Volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem

To learn more about the adoption and foster care lanes, and to take your next step in the one that God has specifically called you to, click the button below:

Volunteer In The Triad

In addition to stepping directly into adoption and foster care, No More Spectators is also about restoring families through not just serving the community but being leaders in the community. We do this by mobilizing followers of Jesus who call Mercy Hill home to serve on the boards of local, family-focused nonprofits and organizations, and to volunteer at them individually, as families, and as Community Groups.

Organizations that are hyper-focused on building and restoring families through the gospel that Mercy Hill is intricately involved with are The Pregnancy Network, Baptist Children’s Homes of NC, and the Family Room. Click the logos to learn more about their ministries and how you can serve with them! 

In addition to these local partners, the people who make up Mercy Hill are passionate about other causes and initiatives, and they serve in a variety of ways throughout the Triad. To access a regularly updated list of all the places where we have people serving, click the button below: