Have questions about No More Spectators? Read through the FAQ below, or simply contact us through the form below and we’ll connect with you!

Need help setting up your account?


Why do I have to create an account to serve in the community?

By creating an account, it allows you to receive timely updates about new opportunities associated with the programs you have “become a fan” of. Creating an account also gives you the ability to log your volunteer hours should you need or want to keep track of how or when you have served. By logging your hours it allows us to gauge the depth of partnership that our church has with the organization with which you’re serving.

How does attending the Weekender impact my ability to serve through No More Spectators?

We feel that it is essential for all volunteers who desire to “Serve at Mercy Hill” attend the Weekender prior to serving. Volunteers who “Serve in the Community” are highly encouraged to attend the Weekender so that you can learn how your serving plays a part in the overall vision of our church.

If I’m already serving, why do I need to go through No More Spectators?

No More Spectators is the new gateway to serve at Mercy Hill, both for “Come and See” and “Go and Tell” serve opportunities. By having all volunteers engage in serving via No More Spectators, it allows us to gain a clearer picture of what areas of need are being met and what opportunities still need to be filled.

Can I sign up for opportunities that are outside of my gifting?

Yes. The gifts assessment is simply a tool, and not the final authority in determining how you are gifted. Oftentimes gifts are indicated on an assessment and then affirmed through serving. With that being said, assessments are valuable in that they can point you in the right direction. If there is a serve opportunity that you are passionate about outside of your gifting, feel free to partner with that program.

What about Serve Week? Can I still serve with my Community Group?

While we will no longer be organizing a quarterly “Serve Week” as a church, we encourage you and your Community Group to serve together on a regular basis based on the needs of the program and schedule that your group chooses to partner with. When responding to a serve opportunity, you have the option to respond as an individual or respond as a group. Talk to your Community Groups about programs you’re interested in.

What happens when I respond to an opportunity?

By responding to an opportunity you are registering to serve in the capacity described for the opportunity. You will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator to walk you through steps to complete any training or orientation that is required. You will also receive a reminder email before your serve opportunity.

How does an organization become a part of No More Spectators?

Whether you work or serve at for an organization that isn’t listen on the No More Spectators site, please click here to fill out the form so that we can explore a potential partnership. 

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