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How does attending the Weekender impact my ability to serve through No More Spectators?

We feel that it is essential for all volunteers who desire to “Serve at Mercy Hill” attend the Weekender prior to serving. Volunteers who “Serve in the Community” are highly encouraged to attend the Weekender so that you can learn how your serving plays a part in the overall vision of our church.

If I’m already serving, why do I need to go through No More Spectators?

No More Spectators is the new gateway to serve at Mercy Hill, both for “Come and See” and “Go and Tell” serve opportunities. By having all volunteers engage in serving via No More Spectators, it allows us to gain a clearer picture of what areas of need are being met and what opportunities still need to be filled.

What happens when I submit a request to serve?

After submitting a request to serve in a particular ministry or partnership, someone will reach out in a timely fashion with any next steps.

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